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Shipping Promotional Products

The cost of shipping promotional products can vary widely. Generally size and weight determine the cost of shipping.  The distance items are shipped and the method used also affect the cost.

  • Size - Items that are inherently large (i.e. oversized golf umbrellas) or large compared to their weight (i.e. 30oz water bottles) will generally cost more to ship because they are in oversized boxes or they are in a lot of boxes.
  • Weight - Heavy items (i.e ceramic coffee mugs, magnets, etc.) will cost more to ship.
  • Distance - Some carriers still charge based on the distance shipped, with shipments over longer distances costing more.
  • Method of Shipment - Priority shipping (i.e. two-day or overnight) will also incur a higher shipping charge.

If you have a concern over the cost of shipping in your order, please contact us and we will be happy to figure out the cost ahead of time, so that you can use the information in making your final selection.

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