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Please use the following guidelines when sending artwork electronically:

  • E-mail artwork to
  • CorelDRAW V 8.0 files (or earlier) are preferred, with all artwork and text converted to curves, but we can usually accept Adobe Illustrator files (.eps) with the same restrictions on converting text and objects to curves
  • Bitmap files such as .bmp or .tif can also be accepted, but these tend to produce low quality engraving. When you must send bitmaps, please try to send high resolution files (300DPI or greater.) Also try to scan or size your image to the size that is to be engraved.
  • For engraved items, black & white versions of logos produce better results (grayscale images are not considered part of this category.)
  • If you are not sure your logo or artwork is suitable, please send it with as much information as possible, and we will be happy to take a look at it.
  • Artwork files can be compressed using Zip or Stuffit utilities.

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