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Badges are available in many different styles and colors.  All of our badges are made of .06" thick plastic.  Standard badges are engraved on router table into two ply material.  Laser engraved badges are engraved on two ply materials with a CO2 laser.  Both of these types of badges are available in a wide variety of standard colors, and even some non-standard colors. They are also vary durable, since the engraving is permanent and therefore will not wear off. Engraved badges are available with rounded corners or with beveled edges (giving the appearance of thin border the same color as the engraving.

Full color badges are made with a dye diffusion process on white, silver, and gold badge blanks. This process actually puts the color into the surface of the badge and then put a clear protective coat on top of the surface.  The result is a long lasting badge in the colors that you want.  These badges are great for companies and organizations with more than one color in their logo.

All badges are available with a pin, clip or magnet attachment.  Engraved badges can also be made into pocket slides.

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