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Standard badges are made out of two ply material.  The top layer of the material is routed out with a spinning cutter while motorized, computer controlled engraver moves in two axis to create the letters.  The process is very similar to a plotter, except that the pen in the plotter has been replaced with the spinning cutter.  With the text cut directly into the material, these badge are very durable and stand up well to evryday use. Standard engraved badges are available in many different colors, with the text and logos generally being black or white.

Standard badges can be made in a variety of sizes. 3'x1.25" and 3"x1.5" badges are the most popular.  They can either have rounded corners or beveled edges, which produces the appearance of a border around the badge that is the same color of the negrave text.

Standard badges start at $6.50 each with a pin or clip attachment, and $8.50 each for a magnet attachment.  Discounts are available for quantities. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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