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Suede Backed Award Frames

  • The Suede Backed Award Frames feature a blue or red suede background behind a matching, decorated die cut engraving plate. The frame itself is wood with an embossed, golden highlights on the inside of the wood.  They are also available with black, blue, green, and red velour backgrounds instead of suede.
  • The frames are approximately 12"x15" in size.
  • Prices start at $97.50 plus engraving
  • Eagle Award Frame

  • The Eagle Award Frame feature a die cast, antiqued gold metal eagle sculpture and a black brass engraving plate on a black velour background surrounded by a genuine walnut frame.
  • The frame is available in two sizes: 10.5"x12.5" and 12"x15".
  • Prices start at $106.25 and $117.00 plus engraving
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