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***NEW*** - Additional items are available for veiwing at another offsite catalog here.  Please email us or call us at 770-921-0369 with questions about items from this catalog.

24% Lead, Hand Cut Crystal

     Beautiful hand cut lead crytal awards and gifts are personalized with abrasive etching to provide recognition pieces that will be treasured by their recipients. The lead in the crystal creates brilliant refraction of light that gives high quality crystal its sparkle. If you are looking for elegance and timelessness, these crystal pieces are for you.

Optic Crystal

     Optically pure crystal awards are the diamonds of the glass and crystal arena. Optically pure crystal is basically glass of such high purity that it is essentially invisible when you are looking directly through it. The many facets that are cut into these pieces turn ordinary light into a marvelous array of reflections.

Jade Glass

     Jade glass provides a very high perceived value. The feel and wieght of glass awards tell their recipients how much they are valued and appreciated. Many of these designs feature deep etched designs and motifs.

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